Blackfort appoints Anna Shutilova as Sales and Marketing Manager

Blackfort is glad to welcome Anna Shutilova to our team as Marketing and Sales Manager.

After graduation from University of Saint Gallen (HSG) Anna has worked for multiple companies including Virgin Connect (part of Virgin Group) where she used to head sales division and before used to work on foreign broadcasting projects of the largest pay tv operator in Russia. Having strong international commercial and marketing background Anna will bring on board innovative insight for company`s development and growth of its wealth management business.

Anna joined the team as trustworthy team member, commented Gleb Streib, co-founder of Blackfort Capital, – “We are delighted to welcome Anna Shutilova, a highly experienced professional, who will be in charge of important function of building image of the company group. With high track record in marketing and sales and great customer-oriented approach, she will contribute perfectly to company`s further assets` growth and customer relationship management.”


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