Blackfort launches new Digital product

Blackfort Team is happy to announce the launch of Blackfort Digital aimed at benefiting from dynamically changing cryptocurrencies markets.

Investment Opportunity

Blackfort Digital offers investors access to an opportunity to benefit from modern rapidly changing cryptocurrency market. Blackfort Capital AG implements a strategy to grant you an easy and efficient way to profit from innovatively developing asset class.

Investment Strategy

The investment objective of the strategy is to achieve long-term portfolio growth by applying statistical arbitrage algorithmic trading strategies and profiting from cryptocurrency market inefficiencies. Such approach is market-neutral and allows to profit from market volatility rather than a flat, rising or falling market. The range of markets and instruments to which algorithmic strategies are applied is constantly revised in order to ensure that the strategies are executed on markets and instruments with the best arbitrage opportunities.

Strategy Guidelines

Fundamental analysis is applied in order to select cryptocurrencies and markets that trading strategies are applied to. Fundamental analysis includes but is not limited to cryptocurrency’s financial, project and blockchain metrics. Given the cryptocurrency has fulfilled the initial selection criteria it’s volatility, sufficient liquidity, historical positive price development and established performance track record are reviewed before the cryptocurrency is included in the product.

Why cryptocurrencies?

It is impossible to underestimate the speed of development of the cryptocurrencies asset class. What once was a risky way to gamble now represents a verified way to diversify your portfolio and earn calculated profit. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more common in today’s world, and they are changing the world around them. Technological progress is not only leading the markets but also creates new attractive ways to generate profits  together with experienced team of managers.

Arbitrage strategy

Blackfort offers you an opportunity to invest your money in the market-neutral strategy, which represents a more conservative way of investing into crypto assets. The managers invest into both short and long positions taking advantage of the asymmetry of the market while interest comes from the differences in spreads of various maturities, as an example. For instance, short position in Bitcoin quarterly futures and long position in Bitcoin monthly futures provide an attractive opportunity to profit from arbitrage.

Countertrend strategy

The other way to invest your money represents a more offensive approach, a market-making strategy providing higher risk-reward. The managers tend to solve a markets optimization formula and create orders for cryptocurrencies. Sudden interventions into markets move the quotes and execute the orders. As a result, market inflow sells the position and market outflow buys the position, playing against the trend. The strategy allows for more market exposure but is not market neutral consequently.

Why Blackfort Digital?

Blackfort Digital AMC combines both arbitrage and countertrend strategies with balanced weights to provide a smooth and high-yielding experience from investing into crypto assets. The unification of defensive and offensive approaches allows for controlled exposure to rapidly changing crypto markets for the diversification of your portfolio. Actively managed certificate represents a solid way to benefit from the market-leading technology and experience and expertise of professional investment team.

About Blackfort Capital AG

Blackfort Capital AG is a company duly registered under the laws of Switzerland and authorized by VQF SRO to provide investment management services to its clients. Blackfort Capital AG is responsible for the management of the Blackfort Digital AMC.

We will be happy to share with you further details, please contact us at [email protected].



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