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Blackfort is a Swiss based investment corporation with expertise in all bankable asset classes across various regions and industries.

We serve both individual and corporate clients in over 20 countries, operating on the leading financial markets of Europe, Asia, America and CIS.

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Group of companies

Blackfort Capital AG, Switzerland – Multi-Family Office with core competence in Asset Management of HNWI across the globe.

Blackfort Investment Partners AG and Blackfort Investment Partners Europe AG (in formation) – Transnational corporations which develop, advise and manage multiple investment strategies packed in a variety of tailored investment products make them accessible to investors worldwide.

Blackfort Investment Management AG, Switzerland– Multy Family Office specialised on Fixed Income Strategies

Blackfort Corporate and Investment Banking, Switzerland – Entity focussing on real asset investments (buy and sell side), financing origination,  transaction structuring and deal execution.

Blackfort Advisory LTD, Hong Kong– Research and Analytics Task Force, specialising  on in depth evaluation of investment opportunities in  liquid assets across sectors.

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Blackfort is owned and driven by a team of financial entrepreneurs with vast professional experience and pure passion to beat the average.

Artem Neklyudov

Chief Technical Officer

Ekaterina Selivanova

Chief Operating Officer

Gleb Streib

Managing Partner


Oleg Falikowitsch

Managing Partner


Anna Vogel

Chief Financial Officer

Andreas Bickel

Chief Investment Officer

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  • Massimo Ferrari CEO at Assetmax

    We are very happy to be a partner of Blackfort Capital, which is an outstanding Swiss investment company that combines its strong know-how with a keen passion for wealth management and pleasure to deal with people.

  • Christian Bauer Managing Director at REYL Bank

    Blackfort is a trusted partner and good friend. Intelligent and smart team which we are happy to operate with.

  • Timur Onzhanov Deputy CEO at AIFC

    Asset Management pillar is the one of AIFC core pillars, and the registration of Blackfort Capital, a company that acknowledges the Swiss heritage of banking culture on the one hand, and the rising demand for flexible and globally accessible finance systems on the other hand, undoubtedly makes a significant contribution to the development of AIFC financial ecosystem.

  • Fabio Sileno Head Financial Intermediaries at Societe Generale Zurich

    We have an excellent collaboration with Blackfort Capital who is one of the most growing and innovative asset managers. The two founding partners are always available and have a very strong expertise in banking.

  • Mark Gindileev Independent Tax Lawyer

    Blackfort is a great example of how the Swiss financial business tradition leverages its magic with the entrepreneurial energy of the founders. The case when the Word of your financial partner will be more reliable than any written contract.

  • Raphael Dorsaz & David Straumann Partners at Anova Partners

    The collaboration with Blackfort Capital is highly professional, efficient and motivating in every aspect. We deeply appreciate the relationship with the representatives of Blackfort Capital.

  • Samuel Braun Director at VP Bank

    BFC is serving a top-notch clientele, but keeping its human approach, both towards partners and clients. I truly appreciate the mutual cooperation with a team that tackles issues with pragmatism and common sense. Their actions make it evident who is at the center of their activities – THE CLIENT.

  • Yulia Selivanovskaya Head of Personal Banking Services at AkBars

    Ak Bars Private made its choice in favor of Blackfort not by chance. A wide range of investment solutions, high-quality client support and a team of professionals meeting the needs of our clients. We express our sincere gratitude for the conscientious attitude and professionalism and for the good working relationship between our companies.

  • Jozef Mansy Executive Director at LGT Bank

    Blackfort Capital AG has established itself as an independent and highly sophisticated asset manager worldwide.

  • Michael Koelliker Fund and Investment Solutions at Valeur

    We are glad to partner with Blackfort. A solid company with a strong reputation in Switzerland.

  • George Ivanyan Co-founder of EPFC Capital Partners

    The Blackfort Capital team has has always solved and continues to successfully face complex problems in both asset structuring and investment management. Combining the reliability of a Swiss jurisdiction and a proactive approach, the company provides truly unique opportunities for private and institutional clients.

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