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By utilizing the website www.blackfort.ch (or a page diverted to this web address; hereinafter referred to as the “Blackfort website”) you confirm that you have read and understood and accept the following Conditions of Use including the Legal Conditions. If you do not accept these Conditions of Use please do not visit the Blackfort website again. The Blackfort website is not intended for legal and natural persons who, for reasons of nationality, business headquarters, place of residence or for any other reasons, are subject to a legal system which bans or restricts in particular

  • the publication of the contents,
  • access to the Blackfort website,
  • the activities of a foreign financial services provider,
  • the admission of financial products (e.g. funds)

Moreover, it is not intended for use by legal or natural persons in countries where Blackfort Capital AG or any companies associated with it do not have the required registration and authorization to operate.

Not all the financial products and services presented on the Blackfort Website are available in all jurisdictions or are suitable for all investors in all jurisdictions. It depends on the provisions of laws and regulations applicable in the relevant jurisdiction whether a financial product or service may be offered to a certain person. The Blackfort Website contains information and opinions on services and collective investment schemes (hereinafter referred to as “funds”) and similar products managed and/or registered in various countries. The Blackfort Website pages must not be accessed by persons (such as natural persons, legal entities or specific types of investors) who are subject to a jurisdiction prohibiting publication of the contents of the Blackfort Website or access to the Blackfort Website (due to that person’s nationality and/or place of residence or for whatever reasons). Persons to whom these restrictions apply, are not allowed to access the Blackfort Website. Please note that particularly the funds distributed by Blackfort Capital AG and the companies associated are not authorized for distribution in the United States of America (USA) or to US persons.



Blackfort Capital AG reserves the right to modify any information, opinions, performance or other data, links, etc. at any time without prior notice to users.

Moreover, Conditions of Use may also be changed and the use of the Blackfort website may also be restricted or terminated without prior notice.


Place of jurisdiction

Insofar as a legal position arises between Blackfort Capital AG and the users of the Blackfort website, this is subject to Swiss legislation. The sole place of jurisdiction shall be Zurich, Switzerland.


Property rights

All components of the Blackfort Website are protected by intellectual property laws and are the property of Blackfort Capital AG, associated companies or third parties. Users shall not acquire any rights, including rights in or to any software, trademarks or components of the Blackfort Website, by downloading or printing any material from the Blackfort Website. Copyright notices and trademarks may not be changed or removed. Components of the Blackfort Website may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner or form (including electronic or printed form) without the prior written consent of Blackfort Capital AG and unless full acknowledgement of the source is provided.

Users are not permitted to create hyperlinks or inline links from other websites to the Blackfort Website without the prior written consent of Blackfort Capital AG.


No Warranty

Blackfort Capital offers no guarantees (including liability towards third parties) nor assurance for the actuality, precision, reliability or completeness of the contents of the Blackfort website, the results obtained utilizing the Blackfort website, the contents of third parties that are found on or accessible via the Blackfort website.

Furthermore,  Blackfort Capital AG shall not be held liable for and cannot guarantee that the functions on the Blackfort website work without fault and are available without interruption or the Blackfort website and other components utilized through access to the Blackfort website are free of viruses, etc.


Blackfort Capital AG also offers no guarantee for the increase or stability of the value of capital invested in investment tools or the level of future dividends.

The information and opinions published on the Blackfort website do not constitute publicity or recommendations and should not be construed as a demand, an offer or an invitation to submit an offer:

  • for acquiring or selling investment tools,
  • for carrying out any sort of transactions,
  • for completing any other kind of legal business.

The sole purpose of the Blackfort website is to provide information.

The investment funds mentioned on the Blackfort Website may only be purchased on the basis of the current sales prospectus, the simplified prospectus respectively the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and the most recent annual report (or half-yearly report, if this is more recent). The fund documents and the half-/yearly prospectus may be obtained free of charge from the respective fund management company.

The information and opinions published on the Blackfort website are of a general nature. They are neither intended nor suitable for replacing individual consulting by specialized staff who will take into account the actual circumstances prevailing in a given individual case. For this reason they do not represent legal, fiscal, financial, economic or any other advice and not be utilized as an investment aid.


Exclusion of liability

Blackfort Capital AG or any companies, partners, boards of directors, employees or representatives linked to it refuse all liability (including for negligence and towards third parties) for direct or indirect damage or consequential damage that may occur in direct or indirect connection with the utilization of the Blackfort website.

Blackfort Capital AG has not verified third parties’ websites linked to the Blackfort website and cannot be held liable for the actuality, precision, reliability, completeness or legality of the contents and offers on such websites. The user therefore accesses such web pages at his or her own risk.

Web links may only be included in websites outside the Blackfort website with the prior agreement of Blackfort Capital AG.


Changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use

Blackfort Capital AG reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions of Use from time to time. Therefore, please read the Terms and Conditions of Use whenever you access the Blackfort Website and check whether you agree with the terms of any amended version. If you do not understand or do not accept any provisions of the present Terms and Conditions of Use, please exit the Blackfort Website.

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Terms of use

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